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Humak University of Applied Sciences (Humak UAS) offers studies in Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programmes. Students may also take Open UAS courses and other additional and lifelong education courses.

In the School of Community Education, one can study to become a community educator: a professional in either youth Work, NGO work, workplace development or adventure and outdoor education.

In the School of Arts and Cultural Management, one can study to become a cultural manager: a professional in production and project management or entrepreneurship and creative economy.

In the School of Interpreting and Linguistic Accessibility, one can become an interpreter: a professional in sign language interpreting or multimodal communication and AAC interpreting and instruction.

The learning objectives of each degree programme are described in the curricula. All Humak curricula are competence-based and consist of learning modules. The competence-based curricula define the learning objectives, content and assessment criteria of each degree programme. The content of the curricula are continuously developed and improved in cooperation with both students and workplaces.

The basis of all education offered at Humak is coaching pedagogy. Its central elements are workplace-based and collaborative learning as well as interaction. Students’ competencies and skills are built through classroom teaching as well as practical experiences, such as workplace projects and practical training periods.